About motto

“motto” means guiding principle of a person
Our motto is ” carpe dime” which is from a Latin poem of Horace. It means “seize the day”.

motto is a handmade leather craft workshop based in Hong Kong established in2011. Motto is a place for cultivating creativity and a place for generating memories.


“Little by little leather goods reveals the
distinct individuality of you.”


Breaking the established design patterns, our artisans collaborate with customers in choosing leather, matching colors, personalized imprinting and hand-stitching to create your own leather goods that is representing you.

Italian quality genuine cow leathers are being used for our products. Traditional hand-stitching skill infuses soul to leather goods.

Modern minimalist design coordinates with the variation of natural leather with time goes by. The irregular aging marks reveal the distinct individuality of you.

Create your own story with your leather goods.

Leather goods accompany you to experience life.