Semi-Finish Wallet Leather Workshop – Mira Shop

Course Length: 4-7 hours
Course Fee: HK$1080 up~HK$2200 up ( 銀包面:日本新禧馬臀皮 Japan shinki Shell Cordovan (須於工作坊前3天選好顏色) )

HK$1080 up styles

HK$1180 up styles

HK$1280 up styles

HK$1380 up styles

HK$2200 up ( 銀包面:日本新禧馬臀皮 Japan shinki Shell Cordovan (須於工作坊前3天選好顏色) ) styles

Course Info

leather partitions|Ready-made stitching holes|For high quality products

Workshops are organized at Mira Place 1
Flexible schedule within opening hour 11:30-21:00, minimum 1 participant

          • HK$1080 design:(1photo slot+3cards+2inner cards+1note slot)
          • HK$1180 design:(6cards+2inner cards+1note slot)
          • HK$1280 design:(6cards+1photo slot+2inner cards+1note slot)(6cards+1inner card+ 1zip coins +1note slot)
          • HK$1380 design:( 6cards + 1photo slot+1inner card+1 zip coins+1note slot)( 9cards+ 1photo slot+2inner slots+1note slot)( 6cards + 1photo slot+1 inner slot+1 zip coins+1 note slot)
          • HK$ 2200 : Wallet cover : Cordovan ( Please select color in advance)
          • Add extra $80 for 1 more note slot ( Total 2 note Slots )
          • Workshop Fee includes materials needed and tools are provided.
          • Including Engraving service(Hot Stamping or foil)
          • Cow leather imported from Italy. There are vegetable tanned leather, embossed, cross pattern, etc.
          • This workshop cannot change design.
          • Beautifully packaged gift or dust bag is included.



Email: [email protected]

Tel: +852 68715989

學員可以先經電郵或 whatsapp 提出想要的日子時間,我們再確認當天有沒有空位。

Course Schedule

Flexible schedule within opening hour 11:30-21:00 everyday, minimum 1 participant

  • Workshop schedule is flexible based on the above time slot.
  • 2-3 tutors. 1 tutor handles maximum 4-5 clients at the same time.
  • Clients can choose to make their own product as tutors will do the demonstration separately.
  • There are some occasional onsite workshops that we will be out for work. Thus, you can inquire workshop schedule through email [email protected] or whatsapp (68715989) before you make reservation.


  1. Please choose your own time slot within the above working hour.
  2. Pick the product that you want to handmade.
  3. Reserve the time slot through email [email protected] or whatsapp 68715989.
  4. Please aware of the time needed for each product. e.g. Bracelet takes 2 hours to finish so that the latest starting time should be 7PM. Otherwise, the workshop has to be divided into two parts. You have to make another reservation and it is free of charge.

  5. Minimum consumption is one leather workshop per person.