Apple Watch Strap

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Double sided cow leather straps are more durable and cozy for wearing.
Padding creates a rounded shape on the strap.

Apple watch series 1-2: 38mm, 42mm
Apple watch series 3: 38mm, 42mm
Apple watch series 4-6: 40mm, 44mm
Apple watch series 7: 41mm, 45mm
Apple watch series SE: 40mm, 44mm

Length of strap:
– Women 11cm
– Men 13cm

YouTube Tutorial:

42mm adaptor & 24mm strap are applied to series3 42mm,series4 44mm
38mm adaptor & 22mm strap are applied to series3 38mm,series4 40mm

Please note that preview of color is for reference only. Color difference may occur on different monitors and screens.

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