Apple Watch Strap (Cordovan)

Size: N/A
Price: $1,480.00

Japan Shinki Shell Cordovan belongs to the Top 4 of Cordovan leather manufactures. They pursue the perfection of leather. Shell Cordovan also calls the Diamond of leather, which is classified as the most expensive and high-quality leather in the world.

The perfect glossy finishing and the fine, smooth, and without any defect surface are the characteristics of Cordovan Leathers. Letting Cordovan leather as the resources, Apple Watch may be more glazed and lustrous.

Double sided cow leather straps are more durable and cozy for wearing.
Padding creates a rounded shape on the strap.

Apple watch series 1-2: 38mm, 42mm
Apple watch series 3: 38mm, 42mm
Apple watch series 4-6: 40mm, 44mm
Apple watch series 7: 41mm, 45mm
Apple watch series SE: 40mm, 44mm

Length of strap:
– Women 11cm
– Men 13cm

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