Custom Color Leather

 【motto Leather Toolkits】



motto always receive questions with customers about the contact of leather toolkits.  Is that toolkits material enough to produce the leather goods successfully?

Answers: YES!

Let’s introduce the contact of the toolkits one by one.



1. 【Leather Parts】


  • Our products are made of quality Italian cow leather3 kinds of
    genuine cow leather, total 32 colors
      1. Classic Blush  –  Italian vegetable tanned leather with hand
    dyed and glossy finishing. 

    Retain the natural cow growth marks on the leather surface.

    Products are elegant and classic which is a retro choice of style


                                                                                                         Money Clip Wallet

    2.Vivid Tint – Italian vegetable tanned leather with hand
    dyed and glossy finishing.

    These uncommon brighter colors fit your pursue of stylish and fresh

    Matte Finish reserve some of natural cow growth marks on the leather surface.

    motto leather - long wallet 10

                                                                             Long Wallet (with large volume)

    3.Italian Saffiano leather is a textured leather that pressed
           crosshatch pattern. 

     This is a kind of durable and waterproof leather.

    motto leather Svelte Slim Wallet1 copy

                                                                                                           Svelte Slim Wallet

  • Ready-made Stitching holes leather partsJust need to assemble than stitch.
  • Metal Parts,If needed we will prepare for you.
  • Custom Color with different leather parts, also providing the color preview service.

2. 【Leather Tools including with the toolkits box 】



Ready-made Stitching holes leather parts, product guide, glue, wood slicker, CMC, sandpaper, needles, waxed thread, metal parts (if needed), gift box

 2a.【Burnishing Leather Edges Tools】


  • Wood Slicker

Using wood slicker and CMC to smoothen the leather edges.

Take the rounded edge of the Wood Slicker and rub against the leather edges in circular and back and forth motions.


  • CMC

CMC – Leather processing agent ,to smoothen the leather’s edges.



  • Sandpaper

Smoothen the uneven edges with sandpaper.


2b. 【Stitching Tools】


  • Leather Needle

Stitching leather goods with waxed thread. The needle different from  ordinary sewing needle is larger and more diffuse.


  • Waxed thread

The waxed thread is common to use on hand-stitching leather goods. It can prevent the frizz of thread effectively also let the stitching to be neater.

*Scissors and ruler are self-prepare tools

2c. 【Glue Leather parts Tools】


  • Glue

Apply glue on both sides of leather parts.


The glue can be fixing the leather temporarily also it can let the leather edges tidier so the leather goods will be more perfect!


*Toothpick is self-prepare tools to spread the glue evenly with a toothpick. It can replace with other tools as long as you can spread the glue evenly.


3. 【Self-prepare tools】


  • Ruler

Measure the length of the waxed thread or the distance of each card slot.


  • Scissors

Using scissors to cut the waxed thread and the end of stitching step


  • A Lighter 

Using lighter to burn the ends to keep them from fraying.


  • Toothpick

Spread the glue evenly with a toothpick.It can replace with other tools as long as you can spread the glue evenly.


  • Double-sided Tape(If needed)

Using double-sided tape to stick the film on the photo slot leather.

 4. 【Product Guide】


  • Processing Guide

IIIustrated processing guideYouTube Guide Video QR Code card.


  • Basic Step Guide

Step with thread leather needle, stitching and end the stitching.


  • Use of Leather Glue