Custom Leather Toolkit



《Time of Custom and Self made》

Handmade products contain the passion of craftsman.
Retaining  the unique hand-stitching style f each person is the soul of a leather goods.
It makes your leather products more personalized.

material pack 1

motto’s custom leather toolkit provides you a simple way to self- made leather products.
The die cut leather partitions with all the holes ready and tools let you enjoy the making process .
material pack 8

《Characters of the toolkit》

Tools needed are ready

•includes wood slicker and cmc
•makes the leather products exquisite


Free stamping service

•2 fonts and 3 colors to choose

material pack 4

Choice of high quality leather

•Cow leathers imported from Italy
•27 colors of leather for mix and match

Classic Blush 8 colors

Classic Blush Sample 2017

Vivid Tint 9 colors

Vvid Tint Sample 2017

Saffiano 10 colors

Saffiano Sample 2017

Appropriate thickness of leather

•1.0-1.2mm thickness
•suitable for making products with multiple layers

material pack 16

Custom color preview

•personalized color combination

material pack 2