Parents & Kids Leather workshop (corporate & Chartered)

Art Art Hand is a associate company of Motto Carpe Diem, dedicated to cultivating children’s abilities in “art” and “craft”. Children’s courses and workshops can enhance the development of children’s creative thinking and broaden their horizons. From creating unique works through children’s hands, we hope that every little artist and craftsman learn to express themselves in an artistic way, be creative, know how to appreciate and respect, and at the same time learn to persevere. There is also a ME TIME stress relief period for parents in the painting class, allowing parents to escape from the busy life on weekdays and relax their mind and soul in an artistic atmosphere. The new city playpark store will launch the first leather workshop for children, allowing children and their parents to experience, create, and share their memories together.

LB04, Play Park, New Town Plaza I, Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong
Kids Craftsman Workshop (for 3 years old and above); Parent-child workshop

For more information, Please contact us through Email : [email protected] ; whatsapp 68715989

Parents & Kids Leather workshop / Class